Rachel's Chatterbox


on July 13, 2012

I love the American Girl books. McKenna by Mary Casanova is amazing! Trust me!

McKenna is a very talented gymnast.  She loves gymnastics! But, when McKenna falls behind in school, her teacher suggests that McKenna should get a tutor. McKenna really doesn’t wanna get a tutor, but she finally decides that she should get one. Josie, her tutor, is not what she expected. For one thing, Josie is in a wheelchair. After a week or so, McKenna and Josie become best friends! Josie even comes to McKenna’s gymnastics practices! When it is time for McKenna to show her parents what she has learned in gymnastics, McKenna falls off the balance beam and breaks her leg! She is so upset and nervous because the big gymnastics competition is in three weeks! Will McKenna’s leg heal in time, and if it does will she be ready for the big competition? Find out in McKenna!

(P.S: Look for the book McKenna Shoots for the Stars and the brand new McKenna movie too!)

One response to “McKenna

  1. Michelle Bettis says:

    Courtney just finished reading McKenna last week. This week she has been reading McKenna Ready to fly. You are right. They are great books.

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