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Schools Out

on July 21, 2012

Schools Out! by Wanda E. Brunstetter is a very interesting book about a naughty Amish girl. It will teach you a whole lot about the Amish people.

Rachel Yoder is a troublemaker. One day, she went on a picnic with her family. As she was fixing to take a bite out of her chicken, her brother, Jacob, pushed the chicken leg right out of Rachel’s hand!!!! Jacob explained that he had whacked the chicken because there was a stinkbug on it! Rachel was so grossed out that she lost her appetite. Then, as she was playing a bee stung her! “Ouch!!!!” Rachel cried as she grabbed her thumb. Her dad told her to wash it in the mud. While she was washing her thumb, Jacob came over to play. Rachel decided to have a contest on who could build the biggest beavers dam. While they were playing, their mom called. “Come on! We are leaving!” Rachel ignored her. Finally after mom called for Rachel about five times, Rachel tried to run out of the mud. Splat! She fell face first into the mud. Will Rachel ever learn a lesson? Find out in Schools Out!

4 responses to “Schools Out

  1. Betty Jones says:

    Rachel you make everything so interesting. Looking forward to your next posting. Nana loves you so much and very proud of you.

  2. you are becoming quite the good writer! I’m not surprised- you are pretty darn smart! Love you!
    Aunt Cynthia

  3. I think it’s great that you love to read so much! You and Bear should start a book club…..

  4. Myrl Lawrence says:

    Great summary and awesome way to close so others want to read the book from what you wrote.

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