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Finish the Story…     “Come here!” Kiley yelled.

on June 8, 2013

Finish the Story…

“Come here!” Kiley yelled. Jack came running behind her. “What did you find?” he asked. Their teacher had asked them to find interesting things in nature. “It’s some sort of box!” she replied, with a puzzled look on her face.The box looked like it had been in their backyard for ages. “I wonder why no one ever noticed it there.” Kiley said. She slowly opened the box. “Whoa!” both the children said in unison…

What was in the mysterious box? I need your help to finish the story. Tell your version of the end to the story in the comment section on my blog. I will choose one lucky story to be posted on my blog for every one to see. It wont be easy, but I hope you enjoy the ending!

5 responses to “Finish the Story…     “Come here!” Kiley yelled.

  1. The Huffmaster Boys says:

    “Whoa!” the children both said in unison. When they opened the box they found a baby dragon! It just hatched out of it’s egg and it was hungry! “Ouch!” Kiley said, “It bit me!” Jack said, “Hurry, let’s get you inside to put a band-aid on that.” So, they go inside and take care of Kiley’s sore and feed the dragon a meat sandwich. Jack says, “Let’s keep the dragon and name it Rex.” So, they did. They made him a bed and raised Rex and went on lots of trips together. The End!

  2. Rebekah says:

    “Whoa!” the children both said in unison. The box had money in it! There was $1,000 in it! “How about I take $500 and you take $500.” Kiley said, “Then it will be even!” The kids both took $500 dollars and went to Toys R Us and bought lots of toys. Kiley got some Barbies and some make-up and Jack got some Legos and some video games.

  3. Emma Grace says:

    “Whoa!” the children both said in unison. The box held a small dog. They asked their parents if they could keep it and they said yes. They named the dog Coco. they trained it and fed it and it became their best friend.

  4. Nana says:

    “Whoa”. All of a sudden a Genie came out of the box and said “you have three wishes”. What would be your first wish?

  5. DoodleBug says:

    “Whoa!” the children both said in unison. inside there was… a hole?! it was… a tunnel! they could see a ladder leading down, then everything disappeared into darkness. after gaping for a moment, Kiley said, “I’m going down there.” “WHAT?!” Jack exclaimed. “We have no idea what’s down there!! You might never come out!!” “Exactly.” Kiley said as she jumped down, grabbing hold of a ladder bar before she hit the ground. “See you at dinnerrrrrr~” She called up. “H-Hey!! W-Wait for m-me!!” Jack yelled down as he nervously climbed down the ladder. Kylie’s feet hit ground. She squinted into the darkness and could make out…marble walls and floors?! The whole tunnel was made of marble!! “Wow. This place. is AMAZING.” Kylie exclaimed, peering around as she walked through the tunnel. “Is it rea-woooowwww.” Jake had finally gotten down to the tunnel. “Ain’t it?” Katie said. As they walked through the tunnel, Jake could see a faint glow. “IT’S THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!” He exclaimed. “Haha, very funny. Still, there’s a light. we could use that.” Kylie said. They walked toward the glow until they could see a torch. Kylie picked up the torch and waved it around, looking intensely at her surroundings.
    There were paintings everywhere. Paintings they had never even heard of before. They all looked… very…strange. eventually the paintings dispersed and then came the sculptures. Busts of famous writers, large stone carving of horses and their riders… “It’s like an underground museum in here!!” Jack exclaimed. “…Yeah…so many rare artifacts down here…but why?” Kylie wondered aloud. “Hey, Look! That looks like a door!” Jake called. “It most certainly is, Sherlock. Thank you for pointing that out.” Katie said with a smirk. Jack crossed his arms and pouted. Meanwhile, Kylie grunted as she heaved at the door with all her might. “OH. MY. GOSH. JACK. LOOK. AT. THIS. NOWWWW.” Kylie said, her jaw dropping. “Sheesh, what is it- oh my goodness.” It looked like something you’d see in the movies. A giant room full of gold coins and crowns and mirrors and jewels and jewelry and everything you could possibly imagine. They could see at the back of the room, a golden throne, fit for a king. “This. Is. INCREDIBLE.” they simultaneously said.

    Since my hands hurt now and you’re probably sick of reading, long story short, they donated as much of the money as they could to orphans and cookies and libraries and stuff. The End.

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