Rachel's Chatterbox

My Week (in 200 words)

on October 24, 2014

My week started like any normal week. On Monday, we had some friends come over. We played games (mostly Disney Universe) and went outside for awhile. I had a headache, so Monday wasn’t exactly my best day. I spent a lot of the day rereading my favorite book, Blood of Olympus. Tuesday was fairly normal. Nothing important happened, so I’m going to skip on over to Wednesday. Wednesday I had church. I’m in the Youth now, and the service was amazing! The Youth Leadership Team had a meeting afterwards, and I signed up to help set up the stage Friday. Thursday I helped out at my elementary school. I read to some second graders and then left for home. Then, I had piano lessons. They went fine, and I came back home. When I got home, I read some more of a book I am reading with my dad (Lord of the Rings). I finished it, and my dad said we could watch the movie Friday. Finally Friday came. I am currently writing this now. I have not seen the movie or set up the stage for Youth, although I’m about to do that! Hope you enjoyed! Bye for now!

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