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Minecraft and Markers!

Recently, I have been saving up money for my big vacation. Since I am going to be in the car for 2 days, I wanted some new markers. I have heard about these amazing markers called Prismacolor markers. I spent some of my money and bought 28 markers, along with 2 white gel-pens and a black fine liner. I have also been playing Minecraft for awhile. I decided to combine my markers with Minecraft and create an in-game art studio. I opened it up on a friend’s realm yesterday. My friends would come and make requests. I would draw them, or take a photo for a photo-shoot. They would pay me (with diamonds :P) and I would show them the final project on my TeamSpeak, where I talk to them! Here are some of my drawings:

These are just a few of my many friends. If I weren’t homeschooled this year, I would have never met them. I did a homeschool summer camp on Minecraft and met them on the server. The drawings are pictures of: kamco1 (Santa Girl), supergirl365 (Turtle Hoodie and Blue Haired Girl), Illuminatee (“Hippie Banana” Girl) and scootaloo114 (Red Shirt and Light Brown Hair). I hope to draw more now that I have bought these markers!

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My Drawing

The other day, my mom bought me a drawing book. It taught you how to draw cute little chibis! I drew one base off of a character I made up. Her name is Claire! I am hoping to post more drawings in the future, and I hope you like it :D! I also used some colored pencils to color it in. My mom bought them for my upcoming vacation!Claire Banks

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My Upcoming Vacation!

For the longest time, I have wanted to go to Universal Studios. My little sister, Rebekah, has wanted to go to Disney World. This Christmas, my parents are driving my family down to Florida for a vacation! We will take two days to drive there and two days to drive back. We will go to Disney World for 5 days and Universal Studios for 3 days! I can’t wait! I love Harry Potter, and I am so excited about going to the Harry Potter theme park. I also am looking forward to going to Disney World because I can’t really remember the last time I went there. I have never been to Universal Studios before! I have been saving up my money so that I can buy a Harry Potter wand. I also sold a lot of my American Girl doll stuff that I don’t use for money. I’m collecting little journals so that I won’t get bored in the car. I can’t wait to go!!!!

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