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Universal Studios!

Sorry about the lack of posting… I got really distracted around Christmas and New Years. But anyway- I want to share about my trip to Universal Studios! I’ve been asking to go there for 2 years, and my parents surprised me with a trip this year! Universal Studios was amazing! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and I absolutely loved the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The first day we got there was soooo fun! We went to Universal Studios (not Islands of Adventure, that was another day). Our first stop was at the new ride Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts. We were about to load into our car when the ride broke down. So much for our first ride…. On our way out, they gave our family a stack of FREE Express Passes! We walked around Diagon Alley (which was AWESOME!). I bought a Slytherin hat and my very own wand! It was interactive, so I could cast spells at certain places in the park. I also went to see the Olivander’s Wand Show. That was soooo cool! Later, we went back to the Gringotts ride and finally got to ride it! It was fun, but not my favorite ride. Next, we went to ride some other rides. I loved the Minion Mayhem ride, Rip Ride Rocket and some others.Hogwarts

The next day we went on over to the Islands of Adventure. We stopped first at Hogsmeade and I spent most of my money on another wand (Luna Lovegood’s collectible), a Slytherin shirt, a stuffed owl, a working Marauder’s Map, a Slytherin pin and much more! We rode the Dragon Challenge roller coaster, which has got to be my favorite roller coaster. I also LOOOOOOVED Hogwarts! Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was my favorite simulator.

I also rode The Hulk. That was amazing! I loved spending time with my family, and the whole entire park was filled with stuff for everyone to enjoy. On my third day, we rode the Hogwarts Express between the two parks. That was so much fun! There were so many Harry Potter things there, and I loved finding hidden secrets. The effects at the park were also really cool! I really wish I could go back soon!

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