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Book of the Week to Book Nook

I am now changing Book of the Week to Book Nook because I do not have enough time to read a book every week.

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Schools Out

Schools Out! by Wanda E. Brunstetter is a very interesting book about a naughty Amish girl. It will teach you a whole lot about the Amish people.

Rachel Yoder is a troublemaker. One day, she went on a picnic with her family. As she was fixing to take a bite out of her chicken, her brother, Jacob, pushed the chicken leg right out of Rachel’s hand!!!! Jacob explained that he had whacked the chicken because there was a stinkbug on it! Rachel was so grossed out that she lost her appetite. Then, as she was playing a bee stung her! “Ouch!!!!” Rachel cried as she grabbed her thumb. Her dad told her to wash it in the mud. While she was washing her thumb, Jacob came over to play. Rachel decided to have a contest on who could build the biggest beavers dam. While they were playing, their mom called. “Come on! We are leaving!” Rachel ignored her. Finally after mom called for Rachel about five times, Rachel tried to run out of the mud. Splat! She fell face first into the mud. Will Rachel ever learn a lesson? Find out in Schools Out!



I love the American Girl books. McKenna by Mary Casanova is amazing! Trust me!

McKenna is a very talented gymnast. ¬†She loves gymnastics! But, when McKenna falls behind in school, her teacher suggests that McKenna should get a tutor. McKenna really doesn’t wanna get a tutor, but she finally decides that she should get one. Josie, her tutor, is not what she expected. For one thing, Josie is in a wheelchair. After a week or so, McKenna and Josie become best friends! Josie even comes to McKenna’s gymnastics practices! When it is time for McKenna to show her parents what she has learned in gymnastics, McKenna falls off the balance beam and breaks her leg! She is so upset and nervous because the big gymnastics competition is in three weeks! Will McKenna’s leg heal in time, and if it does will she be ready for the big competition? Find out in McKenna!

(P.S: Look for the book McKenna Shoots for the Stars and the brand new McKenna movie too!)

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Trapped on the Titanic

Trapped on the Titanic by Tammy S. Knox is a very interesting book. I discovered it at the Titanic museum in Branson, MO. Let me tell you this, it is a very entertaining mystery about the Titanic.

What really happend on the Titanic? That is what eighth grader Callie Elizabeth wants to find out. While at a Titanic museum, Callie sees a picture that looks just like her. All of a sudden, she hears cries for help. When she looks at the picture again, it is crying! Callie is so scared, she faints. Later on, she keeps on seeing that black and white girl. She learns that the girl’s name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth was Callie’s great great aunt, even though she died on the Titanic when she was 10. Callie wants to know what really happend to Elizabeth so that she can put her to rest. Can Callie do it? Find out in this amazing book, Trapped on the Titanic.