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My Summer Vacation (part 1)

My vacation was spectacular! We went to Branson, MO! My hotel was the best! It had an indoor AND outdoor waterpark! My favorite thing to do there was ride in the Lazy River. For my b-day, my parents got me a waterproof video camera. I will be posting some of the videos soon. We also went to Silver Dollar City. I rode the Giant Barn Swing for the first time! It was really creepy. I liked it, though. My most favorite ride of them all is Powder Keg. I love it when it shoots you off. We also went to the Titanic museum. I was Margaret Fleming (see picture below). And guess what? I survived! At the museum, they had water as cold as the water around the Titanic. I kept my hand in that water for 18 seconds! 


To be continued…..


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